Idea Depression or How to Find Inspiration in a Hamburger, Sandwich or a Cake

Photo: Pixabay Do you feel that there are no new ideas? You browse around on the Internet, talk to friends and read newspapers but you find nothing exciting. There is no revolutionary way of doing things or solving problems. You have seen it all before or rather something just like it.  Nothing exciting at all.... Continue Reading →


New Brave Design Thinking Approach

Can you design something so that people stay politically engaged? How would you design a fabric that is made out of waste? What if it was possible to design a spot where people feel safe? Or a game that provides people suffering from Alzheimer game with a channel of communication? The artist and innovator Daan... Continue Reading →

Ish – Thinking – Thinkibility Boost

As an introduction to a series of blogposts about conceptual thinking we will start by paying attention to "ISH-Thinking". A concept is an abstract pattern in the brain that stands for some regular, recurrent aspect of the world, and to which  any number of different words can be attached. Sometimes ago we already pointed out... Continue Reading →

Design Principles – Throwback Thursday

For the Lazy Thursday post today we have chosen to bring together some posts we wrote about Design Principles. Design Thinking Design for Ambiguity Emphaty Designing Systems Design for Social Innovation Design for Controlled Behavior Pitfalls in Organisational Design Designing New Truths Designing for Organic Forms Designing Innovation We are sure that in the future... Continue Reading →

Do You Need New Eyes? – Thinkibility Nibble

The art of non-building! Marco Canevacci is a member of Berlin-based architectural collective Plastique Fantastique. An architect who is not interested in building buildings, instead he focuses on structures that are impermanent. Soap bubbles, pneumatic machines and loupes (French for magnifying glasses). The bubbles can be squeezed into any urban scenario and they transform our... Continue Reading →

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