Where to Steal for the Best Ideas – Idea Holiday

Maybe you believe that stealing ideas is not very creative or original.Or even that it is unethical. However, there are idea banks where people post, exchange, discuss and polish new ideas, just for the intellectual pleasure of devising ideas and the social rewards of sharing them. Some people approach idea banks just to get inspiration and getting into... Continue Reading →


Marketing Strategies for Beggars – Thinkibility Nibble

There are roughly three strategies to help beggars - those who are for some reason find themselves jobless and have to collect money on the streets. One approach is to take away the most pressing discomfort and distress by providing them with food, a shower, and shelter during the night. Another approach is to provide... Continue Reading →

LEGO Rich!

"Are you LEGO rich? Do you have an idea for a LEGO set? And are you a Creative consumer?" Yes, adults play with LEGO too and there are over 250.000 registered members of LEGO User Groups throughout the world. LEGO, one of the most creative brands in the world, is using its fan community to... Continue Reading →

T29 – Day 23

Day 23 - Creativity Think out-of-the box and devise a creative way to storage and supply in supermarkets. The storage and resupply in supermarkets have not changed since the concept was introduced around 1960. It costs a lot of man power, shoppers experience inconvenience, it is slow and it is not integrated in the whole... Continue Reading →

T29 – Day 21

Day 21- 23 – Creativity There are a range of techniques that can be used to help you create something new and valuable. Distancing is similar to Backward Thinking – a thinking strategy to avoid mental inertia or being locked in one’s logic bubble. Distancing means that we create deliberately some emotional, psychological and mental... Continue Reading →

Bacterial Lamp – Thinkibility Nibble

"I aim to create a living lamp that needs as little care as a houseplant." Teresa van Dongen Have you ever watched a stretch of beach lit up by bioluminescent plankton? Glowing bioluminescent waves and organisms have been used as inspiration  and innovative solutions to human problems. The zero electricity lamp was designed by Design... Continue Reading →

Brainstorm Warning – No Cool Ideas Found

Jeffrey Baumgartner describes himself as "Not your typical, corporate innovation consultant". Below you can listen to his recent independently organised TED talk, which has been described as "An energetic & stimulating speech on the future of creative idea generation!!" -- organisers of TEDxULB. Jeffrey is the co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club which holds experimental... Continue Reading →

Symbiotic Biomimicry

Sustainability is an approach where we try to  create and maintain  conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. But is the approach enough to make sure that we have and will continue to have water, materials and resources that can protect out health and the environment? Innovations using symbiotic biomimicry as... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Beauty – Biomimicry

Richard Dawkins describes in the book Unweaving the Rainbow the relationship between biology and art. To understand science does not detract from the poetry of nature, and biomimicry can be described as one way of uncovering the poetry of nature. Nature and technology has often been described as opposite poles of a spectrum. Yet this... Continue Reading →

Chess, Ants and Jellyfish

Below are two videos where nature is used to gain insight into problems. Biomimicry is a method where you look to nature and natural systems for inspiration. Many innovations have been created using biomimicry, which is a process to spark innovation and creative ideas. The idea to base a flying robot on an animal that... Continue Reading →

Storytelling and Möbius Strip

"Stories are just as integral to the human experience as design." Daniel Pink "A Whole New Mind" Jonathan Gottschall, author of The Storytelling Animal, says that storytelling is the most powerful way of communicating. Throughout history, storytelling has glued families, tribes and cultures together. Today, storytelling has moved into the business world and several values... Continue Reading →

Do You Need New Eyes? – Thinkibility Nibble

The art of non-building! Marco Canevacci is a member of Berlin-based architectural collective Plastique Fantastique. An architect who is not interested in building buildings, instead he focuses on structures that are impermanent. Soap bubbles, pneumatic machines and loupes (French for magnifying glasses). The bubbles can be squeezed into any urban scenario and they transform our... Continue Reading →

Cloud Lamp – Thinkibility Nibble

Wow, this cloud lamp is spectacular! It produces lighting and thunder. And plays music. Product and furniture designer Richard Clarkson has created a fluffy cloud lamp that looks like a real cloud. Apart from producing lighting and thunder when someone enters the room, it also plays music with visual feedback. We invite our readers to... Continue Reading →

Making Thinking Interesting

Often it is stressed that we should be creative and search for alternative choices or possibilities.  And seldom the interpretation of a phenomenon itself is subject to creative alternatives. In history, politics and news we follow mostly the elucidation as given by experts, journalists or opinion leaders. In organisations, we make “sense” of what is... Continue Reading →

Life Redefined

In an attempt to live my life as an artist – in contrast to a life long list of to-do-things – I bought a Moleskin Art Journal. According to the introduction, meeting art is a  personal experience and a dialogue between art and yourself. . .  If to live is an art, then an Art... Continue Reading →

Street Thinking

In my Thinkibility Notebook, I note interesting things I notice. I try to develop a habit to spot and reflect upon perceptions and things that catch my attention. A paradise for harvesting interesting ideas is the daily life on the streets. What do you think of a hairdresser's that advertise: “Only today it is possible... Continue Reading →

Lying in a Creative Way

What a paradox - we often lie but we value honesty in others. During a week, we tell many lies. Around 11 untruths per week are told by Americans! We tell lies to make a story more interesting, or we may want to avoid conflicts and hurt feelings. Anita Kelly studied the relationship between health... Continue Reading →

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