Where to Steal for the Best Ideas – Idea Holiday

Maybe you believe that stealing ideas is not very creative or original.Or even that it is unethical. However, there are idea banks where people post, exchange, discuss and polish new ideas, just for the intellectual pleasure of devising ideas and the social rewards of sharing them. Some people approach idea banks just to get inspiration and getting into... Continue Reading →


What Impact does Your Innovation Really have?

The successful growth of any innovation rests in its ability to demonstrate that it is creating a positive impact. The impact may be difficult to detect from the beginning but exploring the way the innovation creates positive change is crucial. Reading the book The Sports Gene by David Epstein, made me realise how deceptively easy... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Machine – Thinkiblity Nibble

A self-opening bowl! Flexible objects that can build and even destroy themselves! Tomorrows food packaging has arrived. Food packaging is serious business and Sweden have a history filled with successful designs and companies, like Tetrapack and Ecolean  (sustainable packaging). Tomorrow Machine is an exciting innovative company based in  Stockholm and Paris, which specialises in package,... Continue Reading →

Sunken Office – Thinkibility Nibble

What are the benefits of spending the day in an office where there is no need for artificial lightning during the day? According to John Seely Brown, (co-chair at the Deloitte Center for the Edge and former chief scientist at Xerox), an organisation that frequently produce innovation share three characteristics: visionary leadership an organizational commitment... Continue Reading →

Innovate the Innovation

Companies and governments must be innovative. But how? Many organizations wait for some curious creative ideas to suddenly appear out of nowhere. The suggestions that are put forward  are often not so useful after all. Other organizations go a little further. They organize an “innovation day”, set up a committee on innovation, they try to... Continue Reading →

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