Art and Innovation

Does art matter in the world of innovations? "There is a prevailing attitude," says  Amy Herman, that art doesn't matter in the real world." But art can help to sharpen our observation skills. And looking at Georgia O'Keeffe's giant flowers seen through a magnifying lens may help you come up with new ideas. . .... Continue Reading →


Can you make a list of 10 innovations that would help you to complete a marathon? I am rather sure that backpack contraption that feeds you a steady stream of tomatoes is not on the list. The Tomatan can be loaded with six mid-sized tomatoes and it weighs 8, 1 kg 818lbs). One the positive... Continue Reading →

New Brave Design Thinking Approach

Can you design something so that people stay politically engaged? How would you design a fabric that is made out of waste? What if it was possible to design a spot where people feel safe? Or a game that provides people suffering from Alzheimer game with a channel of communication? The artist and innovator Daan... Continue Reading →

Bio-Inspiration and Medical Innovations

Spiderman! The perfect example of stealing from nature. A spider's web is used to catch criminals. Jeff Karp is not a specialist, instead he has between twenty to twenty-five ongoing projects. A multidisciplinary approach to create biomaterials and devices for therapeutics. The Karp Lab uses bio-inspiration to develop ideas. Their innovations do not mimic nature,... Continue Reading →

Designed to Change your Thinking about. . .

Inspiration and ideas may appear when we see something ugly or uninspiring and we decide to change it. Like international borders. . . Reimagining things is a great way to improve upon an already existing idea. You transform an existing idea into something new and fresh. A competition from the Association of Collegiate Schools of... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Beauty – Biomimicry

Richard Dawkins describes in the book Unweaving the Rainbow the relationship between biology and art. To understand science does not detract from the poetry of nature, and biomimicry can be described as one way of uncovering the poetry of nature. Nature and technology has often been described as opposite poles of a spectrum. Yet this... Continue Reading →

Innovations Inspired by Nature

Attempts to close the gap between technology and nature has led to the creation of a range of innovative ideas. Bio-mimicry is an approach where nature's principles provide inspiration to create things in a similar way that nature has spent years and years perfecting. Glowstone is a mixture of synthetic aggregate, inspired by bioluminescence. When... Continue Reading →

Peace Innovation – Thinkibility Boost

Are you pessimistic about  peace? What do you know about peace innovation? The last decades, has seen several changes in peacemaking efforts and civil society organisations, such as Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and Internal Alert, are increasingly getting more involved in the peace process. Get few of us are aware of the innovations that are... Continue Reading →

Blue Economy – Open Source Communities

The Blue Economy uses an open source approach to encourage positive entrepreneurship. Overall, the aim with Blue Economy is to transform the way we are thinking about the environment. Solutions should be sustainable and capable of responding to people's need for food, water, energy  and health care.When you want to create an open source community... Continue Reading →

Think Creatively – Thinkibility Boost

The poet John Keats talked about "Negative Capability", a willingness to live with mystery, make peace with ambiguity, and embrace uncertainty. The search for the unknown drove the poet to use imagery and sound effects to write his three famous odes. The video below focuses on creativity in art. The term creativity is often linked... Continue Reading →

Innovation and Intuition

A buzzword like innovation tends to lure us into false security. It is tempting to believe that innovation is simply something that you can inject into an organisation.  Today, every company says that it got innovation. The definition of the term varies from inventing a new product that has never existed to turning an overlooked... Continue Reading →

Trendsetting Motion Sensors

One of the most profound trends is the ongoing miniaturization and the cheapening of devices that were once bulky. Twenty years ago, the size of a gyroscopic compass was  more than a cubic meter. Now they are built in a mobile phone. Especially in the area of sensors, or detectors there have been major changes.... Continue Reading →

The "Aha!" Moment

What is an “Aha!” moment? Finding a structure to the thoughts that endlessly flows through our minds is often described as the first step towards getting a good idea. Yet the best ideas often appears when we are half dreaming, relaxing, or walking our dog. A common explanation to this phenomenon is that creativity means... Continue Reading →

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