The Copenhagen Wheel – Thinkibility Nibble

Reinventing the wheel! A small team of students at MIT’s SENSEable City Lab has developed a novel bicycle attachment that transforms your pedal-powered bike into an electric hybrid by replacing the rear wheel with one that’s equipped with a small motor assembly. The motor is mounted in the center of the wheel and energy is... Continue Reading →


Thin-slicing : the power of intuition – Thinkibility Boost

Building up Intuition is "thin-slicing" In an earlier post,  we discussed the relation between Reasoning and Intuition on the basis of Kahneman's two interrelated thinking systems. One is fast, intuitive reactive and emotional. The other is slow, deliberate, methodical and rational. Although he acknowledges that the mind functions thanks to a delicate, intricate and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Make a Quick Intuitive Decision

Do you regret afterwards when you have made a quick decision? What influences your feelings? The number of choices? The time? Or? Imagine that there is a cloth on the table. Under the cloth, there are 40 chocolates, arranged in rows of 8 pieces. There is a short label placed in front of each piece.... Continue Reading →

Intuition Explains Everything!

Important decisions such as who we should marry, whether to take a job or not, are often made based on intuition, we do not simply weigh pros and cons. Something else influences our decision. Gerd Gigerenzersays that it is capacities that have evolved over thousands of years - our ability to trust, imitate and love.... Continue Reading →

Unlocking the Expert

Should we strive towards becoming an expert? And should we use experts? It is often assumed that the expert has lost awareness of what he or she knows (go here to read more about this idea). You could also see it as part of the definition of an expert. According to the Dreyfus model, an... Continue Reading →

Innovation and Intuition

A buzzword like innovation tends to lure us into false security. It is tempting to believe that innovation is simply something that you can inject into an organisation.  Today, every company says that it got innovation. The definition of the term varies from inventing a new product that has never existed to turning an overlooked... Continue Reading →

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