Ish – Thinking – Thinkibility Boost

As an introduction to a series of blogposts about conceptual thinking we will start by paying attention to "ISH-Thinking". A concept is an abstract pattern in the brain that stands for some regular, recurrent aspect of the world, and to which  any number of different words can be attached. Sometimes ago we already pointed out... Continue Reading →


Paradoxes as Provocative Operations – Thinkibility Boost

In an earlier blog post about contradictions we stated that: "paradoxical messages can seriously paralyze human relations and even lead to schizophrenic behavior. However, at the same time paradoxical communication can also be used to jolt someone out of his current mindset." Above we have symbolized "main stream thinking" or "current mindset" with the trajectory... Continue Reading →

Thinking nothing? Impossible! Or maybe not

“What are you thinking?” “Nothing!” “Impossible!” It is said that not thinking is impossible. But is it really so? Many people believe that holidays are for not-thinking in order to recharge batteries for the next year's  rat race. Or for seeing old things in new ways. Perhaps non-thinking is significant for the concept of Thinkibility... Continue Reading →

Daily Thinking – Discovering Patterns

Daily Thinking - the thinking you do quiet effortless during the day - do have some features. In this blog we will point out some of the characteristics of Daily Thinking that differs from scientific or deliberate thinking. However, that does not mean in our opinion that Daily Thinking habits does not affect or have... Continue Reading →

Left Out

Something missing? Well, you can safely assume that any information you are presented with has some relevant information “Left Out”. The originator's perspective, the logic bubble in which he perceives the world and how the  information is applied are some possible reasons for the missing information. Also we may unconsciously miss the presented information because... Continue Reading →

Discovering Patterns

Thinking patterns help us to make sense of the world and they support our decisions and actions. A builder do not have to explore the structural calculations every time to build a roof, once he has learnt a certain pattern of how to build it, it makes sense to use it. The same pattern is... Continue Reading →

Patterns in Organizational Design

Thinking Patterns, or logic bubbles, is one of the key concepts of breakthrough thinking. It is not easy to explicate thinking patterns in day-to-day thinking neither in scientific disciplines. That is why we will attention to this phenomena in some next blog posts, for example, psychology research, education, free press, 24/7 schemes and “daily thinking”.... Continue Reading →

Elaborated Concepts of Feelings

In many cultures, people have developed basic human feelings and emotions into elaborated art forms. Sometimes feelings and emotions has been given names such as The Blues in North America, Saudade in the Portuguese culture, the Duende in the Spanish culture, and the feeling of the Tango. These names that have no immediate translation in... Continue Reading →

Patterns in Organizations

I know research laboratories that are organized like assembly lines. They employ a huge number of staff involved in planning, financial control and reporting. They rely of the principles behind scientific management (Taylor-ism). They use standard software to control resources, designed for industrial companies like SAP. I know also organizations that help the poor, which... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking

Thinking Patterns Not all thinking pattern are beneficial such as distorted or negative patterns. But what about Wishful thinking? What we believe is true and what we wish were true can be very different. But how do we separate between belief and desires? And can wishful thinking be useful? A common assumption is that we... Continue Reading →

3D Illusions

Visual illusions distort reality and they are a great way to explore how our brain organises and interprets visual sensory input. Below are some fascinating videos by Markus Raetz. Astonishing 3D illusions. Photo:"Bring That Rock" by federico stevanin

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