Time as a Search Light for Deliberate Thinking

It is remarkable that neither in management nor in psychological literature much attention is paid to how time influences thinking. However, many expressions indicate the importance of time, like:This is a window of opportunityLet's buy timeDon't wait for time, make time!Time is moneyThe boiling frogA gram in the backpack in the morning weights a kilo... Continue Reading →


Robots, Evolution and Emotions

Can a robot evolve? Or is it chained to the insides of a program? Names like Incher, Jitter and Wings, hit that the robots may not be simply ordinary robots.  The Cornell Creative Machines Lab has designed a program within which simulated robots "build" themselves out of cubes of virtual muscles and bones. They provided... Continue Reading →

Innovations, Emotions and Body Language

Emotional insight is a key to innovation. Surprised? Well, it is often not the first aspect that is examined when discussing innovations but emotions fuels it in two significant ways. An understanding of the needs and desires helps an innovator to find breakthrough ideas. In addition, understanding the emotions that a new product or idea... Continue Reading →

Happiness at Work

Arbejdsglaede is a Scandinavian word that means happiness at work. Alexander Kjerulf recommends the following suggestions to help us perform at least one random act of kindness at work. Bring someone a cup of coffee, without them asking Leave a flower on someone’s desk Leave a nice, hand-written note for a co-worker Help someone carry... Continue Reading →

Feelings and Emotions are Not the Same

neither are Thinking and Feeling. But many of us have difficulties describing the differences. And more importantly seeing the benefits of understanding the importance. Let's have a look what Alan Watkins has to say about it.  Alan Watkins is the founder and CEO of Complete Coherence Ltd. He specialises on leadership and human performance. Using... Continue Reading →

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