Twisted Faces and Emoijs!

How do you know which emoticon to use? An emoticon is a pictorial representation of facial expressions. These little pictorial images are an important tool to use when communicating by using technology. The absence of body language and prosody makes is tricky to interpret  a person's feelings or mood. A range of tones and feelings... Continue Reading →


T29 – Day 28

Day 28 - Dance Can you act out your day or express your feelings in a dance?   Put on some music and express emotions, feelings and moods. Use the body as an instrument to explore and express ideas. Discovering the emotion when you watch a dance performance is something that has been studied by Peter... Continue Reading →

T29 – Day 24

Day 24 – Art Draw an Abstract Self-Portrait. Watch the video and discover how to make a stunning self-portrait without lifting your pencil. PDF-File Thinkibility Day 24

T29 – Day 12

Day 12 - Meditation Meditation is non-thinking, which in itself is paradoxically. It is impossible not to think! How to meditate Play the video.   Nevertheless, this 5 minute video explains how not to think, by allowing and observing uncritically your thoughts when they arrive and then letting them go like air bubbles into the... Continue Reading →

T29 – Day 8

Day 8 - Doodling Fill a paper with shapes, patterns, drawings or scribbles. Let the doodles take shape on their own accord. Doodling has been described as deep thinking in disguise. A tool that can help for solving tricky problems. Doodling can help you focus and pay attention. It is also a great way to... Continue Reading →

Innovation and Lucid Dreaming

Does the idea of conspicuously dreaming up the next innovation appeal to you? Does it sound tempting to build storm proof cities in your mind? Solve mathematical problems? Or simple find a creative solution to the dripping tap while you are consciously influencing your dreams? We spend around 6 years of our lives dreaming. Yet... Continue Reading →

Blue Economy – Open Source Communities

The Blue Economy uses an open source approach to encourage positive entrepreneurship. Overall, the aim with Blue Economy is to transform the way we are thinking about the environment. Solutions should be sustainable and capable of responding to people's need for food, water, energy  and health care.When you want to create an open source community... Continue Reading →

Storytelling and Möbius Strip

"Stories are just as integral to the human experience as design." Daniel Pink "A Whole New Mind" Jonathan Gottschall, author of The Storytelling Animal, says that storytelling is the most powerful way of communicating. Throughout history, storytelling has glued families, tribes and cultures together. Today, storytelling has moved into the business world and several values... Continue Reading →


Ah, it is annoying when you cannot find the right words! If you have tried to explain something in a foreign language, you might have found it impossible to find the right words in the other language. Finding the right words to describe your emotions and feeling is tricky and in some cases emotions are... Continue Reading →

Innovations, Emotions and Body Language

Emotional insight is a key to innovation. Surprised? Well, it is often not the first aspect that is examined when discussing innovations but emotions fuels it in two significant ways. An understanding of the needs and desires helps an innovator to find breakthrough ideas. In addition, understanding the emotions that a new product or idea... Continue Reading →


Great athletes create amazing performances with unbelievable consistency. Composed, mentally tough, emotionally controlled or simply determined and focused. Have you set your goals? Do you know what you want to achieve? Sharp and clearly defined goals are valued by athletes, business-people and achievers from all sorts of fields. So, goal setting must be a great... Continue Reading →

Elaborated Concepts of Feelings

In many cultures, people have developed basic human feelings and emotions into elaborated art forms. Sometimes feelings and emotions has been given names such as The Blues in North America, Saudade in the Portuguese culture, the Duende in the Spanish culture, and the feeling of the Tango. These names that have no immediate translation in... Continue Reading →

Emotional Vampires

Judith Orloff’s says that if you want to be emotionally free you cannot remain naïve about relationships. Some people create a positive atmosphere but other can suck the optimism out of you and your ideas and suggestions. Emotional vampires or users and takers make you feel emotionally drained after spending time with them. They may... Continue Reading →

Lying in a Creative Way

What a paradox - we often lie but we value honesty in others. During a week, we tell many lies. Around 11 untruths per week are told by Americans! We tell lies to make a story more interesting, or we may want to avoid conflicts and hurt feelings. Anita Kelly studied the relationship between health... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Design Thinking

A health system designed inspired by empathy! Prioritising and focusing on certain aspects is a vital part in design thinking. Design thinking is a constantly evolving decision-making process that is applied to not only physical products, but also services and systems.  The ultimate goal is the discovery of the best outcomes for all the participants.... Continue Reading →

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